Ducks 'Fav' Lists!!!!

By Marina LeWebb and Chantal Axillar 

Food Genre
Wildwing: Americana (i.e. Burgers)
Tanya: Indian; Kosher Deli
Duke: Cajun
Mallory: Italian
Grin: Sushi
Dive: Mexican; Pizza

Ice Cream
Wing: Rocky Road
Tanya: Pistachio
Duke: Carmel Fudge Ripple
Mallory: Cherry Garcia
Grin: Chocolate
Dive: Phish Food

Wing: Pink '57 Chevy convertible 
Tanya: Kit (the intelligent car from Night Rider)
Duke: Black Lambourgini convertible
Mallory: Red Porshe Convertible
Grin: N/A
Dive: The Batmobile

Musical Instruments

Rock Band
Wing: Lead Guitar
Tanya: Keyboards/Piano
Duke: Winds
Mallory: Bass
Grin: Rhythm Guitar
Dive: Drums

Jazz Band
Wing: Guitar
Tanya: Piano
Duke: Sax
Mallory: Drums
Grin: Double Bass
Dive: Tamberine

Wing: Violin
Tanya: Cello
Duke: Oboe
Mallory: Viola
Grin: Double Bass
Dive: Triangle

2nd Sport
Wing: Wrestling
Tanya: Pool
Duke: Fencing
Mallory: Boxing
Grin: Foot Ball
Dive: Lacrosse; Surfing

Alternative Career
Wing: Contractor
Tanya: Dow Scientist
Duke: Gym Teacher; Lock Smith; Fencing Instructor
Mallory: Lawyer
Grin: Buddhist Monk; Yoga Instuctor; Carnival Side Show Attraction
Dive: Is there an opening at Captain Comics?

Fav Music
Wing: Pop
Tanya: Techno; Classical
Duke: Jazz
Mallory: Techno; Heavy Metal
Grin: Gregorian Chants; Chinese Opera
Dive: Rap; Hip hop

Wing: Coffee/Toast
Tanya: Oatmeal/Fruit
Duke: Homemade Waffles
Mallory: Corn Flakes/Nutrugrain Bars
Grin: Lots of Grapefruit
Dive: Lucky Charms

Dream Vacation
Wing: Rafting the Colorado River
Tanya: DC for every single Smithsoian Museum; Skiing in Aspen
Duke: New Orleans for the Mardi Gras
Mallory: Beach hopping in the Florida Keys
Grin: Hiking in the Himalayas; touring Buddhist temples
Dive: Surfing in Hawaii

Alcaholic Beverage
Wing: Tequila shots
Tanya: Red Wine
Duke: Whiskey; Champagne
Mallory: Beer (Bottled)
Grin: Gin and Tonic; Screwdrivers
Dive: Beer (Canned)

Wing: Pie
Tanya: Mississippi mud cake
Duke: Chocolate Fondue; Flan 
Mallory: Cherry Garcia (again I know!)
Grin: Chocolate!!!!
Dive: Choco Tacos

Fav Non-Video Game
Wing: Foozball; Ping-Pong
Tanya: Chess; Pool; Go-Fish
Duke: Knows Every Card Game There Is, Especially Loves Black Jack And   
  Solitaire; Darts; Clue
Mallory: Pool; Stratego
Grin: Chess; Go (Kind Of An Asian Chess); Ouija Board (When Karma Is   
Dive: Parcheesi; Strip Poker; Strip Anything

Fav Video Game
Wing: Any Sports Game Except Hockey (Not As Good As The Real Thing)
Tanya: The "Carmen Sandiego" Series, Until It Got Too Easy For Her 
  (Which Was Almost Immediately)
Duke: Any Role-Playing/Fantasy Game (Final Fantasy, Legend Of Zelda,   
  etc.); Any NHL Game With Him In It.
Mallory: Virtua Fighter/Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter; Any Flight 
  Simulation Game; Any Racing Game
Grin: Myst
Dive: Oh, Come On! This Guy's Got The Full Set!

Fav Sci-Fi Movie
Wing: The Fifth Element; Independence Day
Tanya: 2001: A Space Odyssey
Duke: Bladerunner
Mallory: Strange Days
Grin: The Star Trek Series; The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Trilogy
Dive: The Terminator Series; Plan 9 From Outer Space

Fav Fantasy Movie
Wing: The Court Jester
Tanya: The Princess Bride
Duke: Every Robin Hood Movie Ever Made; The Empire Strikes Back
Mallory: Legend; Return Of The Jedi
Grin: The Star Wars Trilogy; The Dark Crystal
Dive: The Never-Ending Story (But He Won't Admit It- Only Wing Knows!)

Fav Song (Now *This* Is Ambitious- E-Mail Us Your Disagreements)
Wing: Layla (Derek And The Dominoes Version); Hotel California (The 
Tanya: Particle Man (They Might Be Giants)
Duke: Satin Doll (Duke Ellington? No Pun Intended); Kiss From A Rose
  (Seal), Though He'd Never Admit It; Mack the Knife (Any Version)
Mallory: Machinehead (Bush): Electra Made Me Blind (Everclear)
Grin: A Buddhist Chant No One Knows The Name Of But Has Been Heard
  Playing REALLY LOUDLY In The Middle Of The Night
Dive: Secret Agent Man (Johnny Rivers); Champagne (Chris Rock);
  1-2-3-4 (Sumpin' New) (Coolio)

Fav TV Shows
Wing: The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Tanya: The CBS Evening News
Duke: The Young and The Restless
Mallory: Anything On The Home Shopping Channel
Grin: 15 Minute Yoga
Dive: Whatever He Finds On The Tube.
-by Erin (

Halloween Costumes
Wing: A cowboy
Tanya: At first thinks Halloween is stupid, but when persuaded goes as  a robot with 
various working gadgets including lasers and expanding limbs
Duke: A pirate; A private eye, complete with trenchcoat, fedora, and annoying 30's drawl; Zorro
Mallory: Carmen Sandiego; A "Duck In Black"
Grin: A Karate Black Belt (and nobody notices he's in costume)
Dive: Phil

Favorite Holiday:
Wing: 4th of July; Thanksgiving
Tanya: Sukkot; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day; Boxing Day
Duke: Halloween; Valentine's Day
Mallory: Veterans' Day; Thanksgiving
Grin: Spring Equinox; Devali (sp?); Chinese New Year
Dive: Halloween (not only does he get candy, he wears a costume and throws eggs!);
Groundhog's Day; His Birthday

Most Hated Holiday:
Wing: Christmas (Bah Humbug!)
Tanya: Halloween
Duke: New Year's; His Birthday
Mallory: Valentine's Day
Grin: St. Patrick's Day (too loud and drunken for his tastes)
Dive: Anything for which Wildwing makes him wear a suit

These are ours- if ya have any lists or lists ideas, Write us! 

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