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Hey All, ok this is another try at my homepage my old thing is really messed up so I'm trying trypod. This Is my (Chantal) New page and if you have been to my old page this page will actually be updated. LIke it has been today if you were waiting(which ya didn't have to do for very long) My page of weird lists is up and now updated with a few new ones. Anyway, This page is gonna be smooth, It has to be Duke's my cuz!It'll have fan Fic and Profiles. Just mail me anything!

This Page was last Updated 11/12/97--please sign my guestbook it is new so i only have 5 guests. :)

This page has been visited times. By the way this used to say 192 or something and I don't know what happened it just changed on me!!! Hey like me Duck below???? Cool!

My Snazzy List of Links

Coolbeaks secret HeadQuarters
An AWsome page aby a friend of mine
Candy's Mighty Ducks Headquarters
You all know her, she has this awsome
Duck Stop
A cool Page By Psi-Chic
Walt Disney Television
It has some cool places for the Ducks But i
Mighty Ducks Bash Central
An awsome page on the Mighty Ducks movies
Chantal's page-O-Fan Fic
This has a few stories on it now and will have
Chantal's Page-O-Profiles
here are Profiles If you want me to put your profile up
My Weird Duck lists
The Crib
A page by one of my closest friends Marina LeWebb
Ash's Duck Sanctum
an awsome page by a friend, Bladerunner It is kinda beeing started but it has some awsome stuff and is a great place to hang
Nitefire's Main
The Cave of Wonders
ooh y god this is one of the coosemist pages!!! It's by Etienne or Celyna she's an awsome bud o mine
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PLEASE SIGHN MY GUESTBOOK IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME!!!! well maybe not the world but you get the idea
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wow a chat room for me!!
ok I know that Celyna has one and you don't realy need more than one but anyone who wants to come can ok?